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Could your cyber-insurance policy be flawed?

Mactavish, the UK’s leading expert on insurance governance has been operating in the commercial insurance sector for over 15 years. Building on their knowledge they gained in 2018, they have launched a new Cyber Risk Consulting Practice who can negotiate bespoke insurance cover. Why is this important? Mactavish warn that most ‘off-the-shelf’ cyber insurance policies […]

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7 Reasons why Security Awareness Training is important

A fantastic article I read recently, published by sums up brilliantly why companies should be prioritising SAT (Security Awareness Training). In 2018 data breaches cost UK organisations an average of £6.4 million.Human error, meanwhile, accounted for anywhere between 60% and 90% of those breaches.Those facts alone are usually enough to convince people security awareness training is […]

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3 Mobile Security Tips

We live a mobile lifestyle. Our mobile devices keep us connected, and we can do anything from our mobile devices – from anywhere in the world. Online banking, hotel reservations, email – all can be accessed with a tap of the finger. If you forget your phone at a restaurant, at work, or at the pub – how confident […]

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7 Common Managed IT Services Mistakes to Avoid

Originally posted July 12th 2018 by Jeff Dennis, bitboyz With a range of offerings like cloud computing, data security, network monitoring, systems management and more, an MSP can offer businesses IT solutions for a range of issues you might encounter on a daily basis. Both your MSP and your business can benefit if both of […]

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