The benefits of shutting down your PC every night


A simple reboot of your machine can solve many issues.

A reboot or restart is one of the easiest IT Support issues users can try to fix themselves before raising it to their IT Support company. Putting your desktop or laptop to sleep over night isn’t the same as actually turning it off. Make it part of your routine before you leave the office everyday. You’ll be saving electricity and your hardworking desktop or laptop will benefit.

It can help:

  • Network issues
  • Printer issues
  • RAM issues
  • Fix minor errors by running diagnostics automatically
  • Software updates to complete

Lets look at this in a little more detail…

When you’re using your desktop or laptop you’re opening and closing lots of programs or applications. Maybe you’ve installed some new software or uninstalled some old applications. Had your internet browser open for hours or days. By using the device in the way we do today leaves us with processes running in the background. These can slow your device and sometimes even stop you from opening programs, or present you with a pop up error message. When you reboot your device, every program and process ends and restarts again when you turn your device back on. 

  • A restart ensures your updates that are scheduled to take place complete their installation, keeping your device up to date and secure.
  • It flushes out RAM meaning it clears out all data that’s not required and starts afresh. Therefore should run more efficiently.
  • Diagnostics isn’t something you have to tell your device to do, this will happen every time your restart or reboot helping to keep problems at bay such as memory or small bugs in the system.

Not every problem will be solved with a reboot or restart, but it’s something you should integrate into your daily routine.

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