Cyber Security will still continue to be a major concern not only in 2019, but going into 2020, and 2021 etc…

Working closely with our Partners, we know that we need to be offering a robust and advanced cyber security solution. Frighteningly, more than 60% of small and medium sized business will suffer from cyber attacks every year and that volume is only going to increase. The complexity and damages resulting from these attacks are also on the rise. This leads to a couple of disruptive realisations that SMB’s must act on:

  • It has never been more difficult to effectively protect SMB’s from cyber attacks. Businesses need to opt for the full security package (including for example, continuous Security Awareness Training for employees, DNS Filtering etc..)
  • Assessing what is the businesses acceptable risk

Softlink Solutions can offer a comprehensive cyber security solution to tackle the security concerns for Clients of any size or type. From assessment and reporting options, to protection and remediation, to advanced SIEM and SOC (Security Operations Centre) services, we can build you a package that protects you from Cyber Threats as effectively as possible.

Please follow this link to download our latest e-Book on Cyber Security Tips for Employees. Or call us on 0845 094 0040 to see how we can help keep your business safe.


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