There’s no denying the importance of having the right security software and tools in place to protect our customers—but what about physical workplace security (and I’m not talking about the men and women in uniform)? In honour of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, this blog gives you six things you should never leave out on your desk at the office!

1. Unlocked devices

This includes your mobile, laptop, tablet and desktop. Do not leave your device unlocked not even for a moment. There is bound to be some sensitive data on them which someone else can use.

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2. USB drives

Once you’ve used them, lock them away. These often contain sensitive work information and not usually encrypted. They are easy to ‘misplace’ and therefore very inviting to take.

3. Paper documents

Anything that’s printed and not needed – shred it! We need to be as careful with our work documentation as we are about our personal information. We wouldn’t put our bank statements in the bin now would we…..?

4. Passwords

Please, please, please do not leave passwords on post-it-notes. This is a very common security risk and a conversation I have many times with our Clients. Use a password management tool, there are plenty of them and some are free.

5. Wallet/Purse

Might seem obvious, but it’s also something we don’t always think about. Your wallet or purse has lots of sensitive information inside.

6. Keys

This may not be something you even think about, but your keys could have the office, or server room keys on them allowing unauthorised access.

Don’t expose yourself to unnecessary risk and just be extra vigilant about how and what you leave on your desk when you’re away from it.

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