The Worst Passwords You Could Possibly Use Are…

We still come across Customers and prospects who do not take cyber security seriously. Common passwords and password habits are still pretty awful.

SplashData, a password-management application provide, has released their annual ‘Worst Passwords List’. Unbelievably, the most terrible, and most common passwords remain the same: ‘123456’ and ‘password’. See how you compare to the list below…

The 25 Worst Passwords of 2017
If you use any of the following passwords, please—PLEASE—go change them now.

25. trustno1 (new)

24. qazwsx (new)

23. whatever (new)

22. freedom (new)

21. hello (new)

20. master (up 1)

19. passw0rd (down 1)

18. dragon (up 1)

17. 123123 (new)

16. starwars (new)

15. abc123 (down 1)

14. login (down 3)

13. monkey (new)

12. welcome (unchanged)

11. admin (up 4)

10. iloveyou (new)

9. football (down 4)

8. 1234567 (unchanged)

7. letmein (new)

6. 123456789 (new)

5. 12345 (down 2)

4. qwerty (up 2)

3. 12345678 (up 1)

2. password (unchanged)

1. 123456 (unchanged)

This list was complied from over 5 million leaked passwords, mainly from North America and Western European users.

Using these types of short, searchable, identifiable and specific words as passwords can exponentially put the user at risk. Hackers use algorithms to plug in these words as easily as turning a key – all they need is the opportunity…To put this into perspective, I think this picture pretty much sums it up perfectly:

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